Walk through the Self-Help section at any bookstore or do a Google search for a book on a particular subject and the options can be incredibly overwhelming. With over 180,000 choices of books on the subject of marriage and over 32,000 texts on raising children, how do you decide which book is worth your time and money? We have personally reviewed the selections below and can attest to their quality.

Thank you for using our links to make your purchase. The money received from promoting these resources helps to offset the cost of our charity work as well as our office amenities.

How does a book earn a place onto ‘Our Bookshelf’ and get promoted? Our criteria include:

1. We use the book in our practices almost daily.

2. The book is easy to read and understand.

3. We have been promoting the book before we received a purchase percentage and would continue to do so if we stopped getting paid.

Please share with us your honest feedback regarding these products so we can continue to recommend relevant and user-friendly resources.


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